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Heart and circulatory diseases are the world's biggest killers. They can affect anyone and everyone, from new born babies to grandparents; devastating families across the globe.

Covid-19 means the British Heart Foundation has had to cut the amount they invest in research in the future in half and put millions of people with heart and circulatory diseases at greater risk. Funds raised from the Omaze Million Pound House Draw -through our partnership with CAF America- will help them keep funding pioneering research, at a time when hearts need help more than ever.

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A word from the British Heart Foundation...

You Can Help Beat Heartbreak Forever

"While the world has been on lockdown, heart and circulatory diseases haven’t. They’ve still been tearing families apart, ending lives too soon and destroying quality of life.

The coronavirus pandemic is the biggest challenge we’ve faced in our 60-year history. Devastatingly, at a time when our research is needed most, we’ve had to cut the amount we invest by half.”

Dr. Charmaine Griffiths - The British Heart Foundation

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